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Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Who has access to your data? 

We do.

Privacy Policy
All the information you provide or is derived from this data, including your call record information, email addresses and telephone accounts remains your property, we will not sell or use this information for any purpose other than to provide you with this Service.

You should read our full terms and conditions at Terms and Conditions.

We change passwords often, passwords can never be repeated and must be a minimum of 8 characters. There is no access to our servers except via secure keys. All connections are https. Access is provided to staff on a 'needs to know' basis, junior staff do not have access to critical areas.


However, most security is broken the easy way, by simple passwords or giving passwords to people you "think' you can trust. 

These are your responsibilities. 

  1. Make all your passwords in accordance with the latest advisories
  2. Only give access to people who already have an agreement with you, employees for example.
  3. Change passwords regularly
  4. Delete Users who no longer need access to the service. 

Physical security 

Our cloud service provider is Google. All our equipment is at Google, there are no servers within our office environments. Physical security is covered by everything from impenetrable server warehouses to real time back up into international locations. No one knows about securing their own environment better than Google.

Most Stringent Security Standards Practiced

We practice the most stringent security standards, and follow the ISO 2700 standards guidelines.. We have partnered with Dejan Kosutic and the Advisera team who we consult with constantly. We also conduct regular security awareness training.

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