Call Accounting and Telephone Expense Management

How To Order : The 3 Step Process

This process is the same for new and existing resellers, and direct customers.

Step 1:  Data Collection / Call Buffer
Decide how you'll collect call records from the target installation.

The options are:

    1. Windows Software Buffer - Free software to install onto your own computer
    2. Asterisk Software Buffer - Free software to install onto your asterisk PBX
    3. Direct FTP/SFTP Upload from the PBX
    4. Hardware Buffer - Standalone device that takes the place of a PC. Order separately on page . We'll send you an invoice, when paid we'll ship immediately.

Step 2: Register

Register your target customer:

We'll send you instructions including how to download the Free Data Collection software and a Unique License Key specifically for this customer. 

You'll need to insert this License Key in the appropriate box when setting up Data Collection option.

Step 3: Install
Install Data Collection option remotely or by site visit.
Full instructions supplied in Step 2 once registered.

What happens next?

24 hours after you've completed the installation you'll receive notification that we are receiving CDR (call records) from your PBX.
We'll schedule the configuration process on our side.

Within 3-5 working days you should receive an email from our service dept containing your User Name and password and 

give you access to training material.