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About Us

History was founded in 1999 with one purpose, to provide call accounting and telephone management applications to small, medium and corporate clients. has a wealth of experience within the telecommunication environment focused on reducing our client's telecoms expenditure.

Market Position  was the first company in the world to provide a Hosted Telephone Management System that enables organizations to track their telephone spend across multiple branches and departments spread across a single city or across the globe.

Our technology allows our clients access to services that would otherwise be financially out of reach, enabling us to provide top class applications and consultation services to any business, small or large, anywhere on the planet... and beyond.

How Can We Help? cuts out the time-wasting parts of call accounting and telephone management. No more time-draining jobs. By using innovative tools and game-changing technology, we're reinventing the way businesses stay on top of their telecommunications infrastructure and information.

The result: Reduced costs and efficient use of your time.

Why Do We Care?

Our senior managers have been front line in managing telecommunications environments. We know that good call accounting and telephone management is important, and we also know how difficult it can seem. So we built a smarter call accounting and telephone management application that has the power you need, plus: 

  • Its easy to use
  • Lots of time-saving tools (and we're working on more)
  • Support for all your questions