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We provide a Cloud Hosted Telephone Management System (TMS) which monitors any  Hosted, IP PBX or traditional PBX. With the growing trend towards digitization of communications systems, the ability to manage costs remotely and gain visualization into a businesses telephony operations are a extremely vital
service to every business.

Why does your business need us?


Gain Visibility of all your telephony data.
Get insights, reports and fine details. Make informed decisions


Analyze your telephony data
Identify trends, see statistics and drill

down to identify employee abuse

Cost Management

Fully manage your telephony costs.

Allocate your service provider costs to employees, departments or cost centres.

Staff Productivity

Use telephony productivity reports to identify if your staff are in fact working and improve productivity. Weather they in the office or working remotely

 Create Awareness

Awareness and knowledge of being watched
is the single most effective tool to quickly reduce call costs and improve staff behavior

Customer Engagement

Measure Customer engagements.
Track which customers are calling you most often, how long they speaking, and how quickly they being attended too

Why ThePhone.Biz ?

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We are the best value Telephone Management System (TMS) on the market today. We will beat any other provider on quality, reliability, support and service costs!


Already have a TMS System? We will do more for less!

Simply send us an indication of your current pricing and we will beat it.

That simple!

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