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    What do we do?

We provide Telephone Management Systems. We analyze and report upon voice calls within a companies environment. We collect phone call event data(CDR) generated by the switchboards. We use this data to create awareness, control costs and highlight telephone abuse and ultimately produce savings on your telephone bills.

Why does your business need us?
Corporate Goverance

Corporate Governance

In most countries, law enforcement 
requires that call records be kept 
for 6 months to 5 years
Stop Wasting

Stop Wasting Time and Money

Save on private call costs and ensure your staff are not burning working time
plan networks

Plan and maintain complex networks

  • Ensure PBX is routing calls correctly
  • Right Size your equipment and services
  • Compare costs of competing Telco suppliers
Activity Targets

Activity Targets 

Ensure sales people and call centers fully 
utilize the phones to achieve targets
Allocate Costs

Allocate Costs

Share the cost of infrastructure and phone
calls fairly to Business Entities, extensions,
departments and other groupings
Create awareness

Create Awareness

Manage staff behavior by creating awareness of telephone costs within your organization
by creating awareness of telephone costs within your organization

How Do We Serve You?

We offer our telephone management system online. Our  solution is provided as a managed service to ensure you realize its full potential and maximize your telecommunication environment and cost savings

 Take control of today with ThePhone.Biz Telephone Management System!

  • Easily identify cost savings
  • Monitor spend in real time
  • Improve your staff's productivity
  • Help staff manage their personal use
  • Get e-mail alerts for misuse
  • Cloud based, access from anywhere
  • Automatic backups

Cut Costs
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