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ThePhone.Biz Call Accounting Does The Work for You

Expensive Phone Bills Stop Here


Trying to control your telephone costs is a pain.

We put you in control quick and easy, so you

can use your energy on..… well…. anything other than

managing telephones

We Make Better Use Of Your Time


Latest Trends: You'll never have to worry about the software being out of date. All you need is a browser, The service is a web application, its our job to keep service delivery, software and application up to date and in line with the latest technology.

Schedule and send reports automatically to yourself and your staff. Let the website do the work for you, reduce your overheads by making everyone aware of the high telephone expenses they generate.


Imagine: No more wondering why your telephone bill is so high?..... guessing if you're service providers are delivering value for money. You've got better things to do than scroll through reams of unformatted data or suffer a dozen pages of information overload.

Concise Reports: telling what you need to know. Summary reports to give you a helicopter view, and the details when you need them.